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Welcome to Lost Mines. I sure hope that you find the stories entertaining. Being also the webmaster over at Junior Miners I am always excited to find out more about the old mines and the people's lives that surrounded them. Researching about old ghost towns, the miners and prospectors and buried treasure that might still waiting to be found.

Most of these old mines are over 100 years old and very little remains. In a few cases communities or organizations have gotten together and turned some of these old mines into historical places with museums that document the history. However, in most cases just piles of old wood and bent rusting steel that is being over grown by nature is all that remains. Like the old wooden grain elevators that once ruled the prairie landscape, these old mines too will disappear forever. Once they are gone, they are gone for good. The only thing left will be stories like this and maybe a few photos.

All the information that goes into each story is derived from internet sources so I can not really guarantee a 100% accuracy to all stories. The images also are from search engine photos. If you come across any images that are copywrited please let me know.

My plans for the website are to continue to add stories about old lost mines from around the world. Hopefully as time goes on this will become one of the larger sites of short stories of old mines. Bookmark the site, add it to your favorites and by all means tell your friends. Better yet, join the mailing list.

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ruby creek mine atlin bc
Old mine on Ruby Creek Atlin BC

What's left of an old dredge in Blue Canyon Atlin BC

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