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The Central Deborah Gold Mine

It seems that most old gold mines we read about where discovered by a down and out prospector, or the prospectors mule that got away or some other wild story but almost all have some kind of legend behind them. That's what makes these old mines so interesting in a lot of cases. It's not the mine itself but it's the story of the people behind the mine. The story of the Central Deborah Gold Mine is also one of those such stories.

Many years ago a young English lord ended up broke because he had a brother who had squandered the family estate away. Determined to make all the money back so he could buy the family estate back the lord went to Australia with hopes of finding gold. There had been stories about gold being found there and he knew that if he went he could one day maybe strike it rich. The lord was broke and penniless so he had nothing to loose.

When the lord arrived in Australia he headed of to an area called Bendigo which is in the state of Victoria Australia. Once there the lord worked tirelessly day after day looking for gold. Soon the young lord found a vein or reef as they are called in Australia. Then another and then another. He started to suspect that there were reefs at deeper levels but no one believed him Everyone stated that all the reefs had been found. Everyone except a pretty dancer named Deborah. She believe his story and she also believed in him. After all it had been love at first sight when the young lord had first met this lady dancer. His love for her was so passionate that he named the reefs after her.

The young lord wanted to marry the pretty dancer but didn't have the wealth that he felt she deserved so he worked tirelessly on prospecting these reefs of gold. The young lady was getting concerned for the young lord as his health was starting to show ftom so much work. Everyday the lord would go down into the shaft and the young lady would keep stay up top on the surface and wait for his return. One day the young lord went to work and never returned. The young lady became desparate and sought the help of others to go into the mine to see if they could locate the young lord. A group of men went down into the mine and they did find the young lord. He was dead and was holding a large gold nugget that he had taken out of the a newly exposed reef. The young lady was brought to tears and sorrow and just sat at the top of the mine shaft and refuse to leave. She stayed there for two days and two nights then she vanished. People from the town and other miners looked high and low for the young lady but never did find her. Legend has it that the young lady disappeared into the mine and has watched over the mine and all those who enter it.

Yes, there was gold in those reefs that the young lord found for sure as the Central Deborah Mine produced almost 1 ton of gold from 1939 to 1954. During it's heyday the mine had almost 400 workers working a total of 17 separate levels with a up to 11 miles of underground tunnels. It's main shaft went down 1330 feet. Today everything still stands as it did the last day the mine was worked. The mine now offers tours to the public and you can be sure of being safe down there as the young dancing lady is looking after you.