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Five Lost Gold Treasures In The Dakota's

Right around the time that land treaties were being made in Custer's day, the Dakota's were a very lawless place. With newly discovered gold finds and boom towns like Deadwood, there were a lot of opportunities for bandits and thieves to get some easy pay days. With few law men around, making off with stolen loot was a pretty easy and fast way to get rich. Here are the top five lost treasures stories from the Dakota's where just one of these finds could make you more than a millionair today.

Lost treasure number 1.
Our first story is about Lost Gold up on Bear Mountain. It is said that in 1879 during the peak of the Black Hills Gold Rush, there were a couple of gold prospectors who lived in a small cabin on the west side of Bear Mountain. This cabin was about 8 miles from the town of Hill City. It is rumored that the two men had buried over $1 million in gold nuggets close to their cabin.

Some outlaw types heard about this buried gold in a saloon and then headed out to where the two miners lived. The outlaws told the two miners to tell them where the gold was or else they would shoot them. The two miners refused to and were then murdered. If this legend is true then there would still be some gold buried somewhere close to where their cabin stood.

Lost treasure number 2.
This is about a huge cash of gold that was buried at Lame Johnny Creek. In 1879 there was a stagecoach running from Deadwood to Cheyenne with 450 pounds of gold bars. The stage was held up and the outlaws got away with all the gold. It is said that they buried the gold along the banks of Lame johnny creek a few miles north of Sturgis. Soon after a posse caught up with them and they were all hung. This cache of gold was never found and could still be buried near Lame Johnny Creek. If this lost gold treasure is in fact real, it would be well worth someones time to go out and hunt this treasure. This 450 pounds of gold bullion would be well over 10 million dollars worth today.

Lost treasure number 3.
This buried treasure is from a stagecoach robbery where the gold is buried somewhere between Horsehead Creek and Canyon Springs. There is around $400,000 in pure gold bullion. It is was in 1878 a stagecoach was held up and robbed of the gold. The thieves got away and are said to have buried the gold somewhere in between Canyon Springs and Horsehead Creek. This was one of the largest stage robberies of all time. Eventually A posse caught up with the theives and they were all hung and they all took the hiding place to the grave with them.

Lost treasure number 4.
Buried Gold Near Hat Creek. In the Hat Creek district there is a small stream located in Fall River County of South Dakota. There is suppose to be two different treasures that are buried in this area. One of the treasures is a strongbox filled with gold and silver bullion worth $45,000 from a train robbery. Somewhere along the banks of the Hat Creek is where the thieves buried the loot. One of the bandits was said to have bragged about it in a saloon in Deadwood but no one knew the man or what became of him.

There is also another story states where some bandits had a hideout near Hat Creek. In 1887 these bandits robbed a stage that was taking a load of gold to the Cheyenne. Not only the gold but they also cleaned out the passengers of any cash and jewelery. All this look was buried somewhere around Hat Creek beside a large tree where the creek made a sharp bend.

Lost treasure number 5.
This hidden gold is also known as the graveyard treasure to some. An old gold miner by the name of Carl Bufford was said to have struck it big on his claim on Storm Mountain in the Black Hills. It is said he buried a large amount of gold in a Cemetery near the town of Rockerville SD. Rockerville today is just a ghosttown so it could be an old graveyard somewhere around there that he buried his gold. It is also rumored that he buried more gold than he could carry himself so that would be a lot of gold.