touring and visiting old ghost towns and mine
keno city yukon
slocan city bc
kennecott copper mine
bodie gold mine
old engineer mine bc
bralorne mine bc
uranium city saskatchewan
lost adams mine
leroi mine rossland bc
lost turner mine
lost rhoades mine
homestake gold mine

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Old Lost Mines, Ghost Towns & Graveyards

If you like stories about old lost gold mines, lost and buried treasures or old ghost towns, you've come to the right place. There are hundreds, or maybe even thousands of these kind of fables and tales about old mines and towns that sprung up out of nowhere. Places all around the world and almost since the beginning of time. Whether it's stories about the American wild west or all the way back to the time of King Solomons mines, there is either a story or some kind of fabled legend. And if the story involves maybe a few shadey characters or abit of murder or mystery, well that makes these stories all the more exciting.

Most old gold and silver mines were discovered by lonely prospectors or local indigenous people. Other mines where said to be shown in dreams and visions by the Gods or the spirits. Either way these old mines were somehow discovered. Over the centuries, some people found fame and fortune, others lost it all and countless more died trying.

The stories on this website here are mainly short versions. Each story is about 500 to maybe 800 words, has a Youtube video that is close to the story and there is a picture or two. Be sure to stop back from time to time to read up on these old towns and camps as stories are always being added.

Stanton's Rich Hill AZ The Vulture Mine AZ
Diamonds Of Kolmanskop Copper Town Of Anyox BC
Midas Mine Harrison Gulch CA Gabriel's Gully Otago NZ
Leechtown Gold Rush BC Nahanni Headless Valley Gold
The Privateer Mine BC Old Engineer Mine BC
The Town & Mine Of Pine Point Keno City & Elsa YK
Uranium City SK Port Radium NWT
Potosi Bolivia Zacatecas Mexico
La Valenciana Silver Mine Chilean Gold
Zaruma Ecuador Gold In Brazil
Muzo Mine Columbia Clinton Creek Yukon
Slocan BC Mining Gold Of Superstition Mine AZ
The Lost Opata Mine Nome Alaska Gold Rush
Hatcher Pass AK Lost Gold Of Pitt Lake
Gold Of Tierra del Fuego The Arizona Montana Mine
Contention City AZ Gold Rush Of 49 CA
Cripple Creek CO The Lost Adams Mine
The Lost Turner Mine The Town Of Goldfield
Lost Gold Of El Paso del Norte The Jolly Jack Lost Mine
Lost Lemon Mine Gold Of San Juan River
The Lost Nigger Mine The Lost Horse Mine In California
Gold Town Of Granite Oregon Mines & Town Of Cornucopia
Utah Potholes & Snake Indian Gold Lost Gold Of Dead Mans Gulch
Gold & Ghosts Of Bodie California Gold In Australia
The Atlin Gold Rush Kennecott Copper Mine AK
Rossland BC Le Roi Mine The Bralorne Mine BC
Lost Doukhobors Ledge Lost Tayopa Silver Mine
Treadwell Mine AK Cominco Polaris Mine
The Klondike Gold Rush Hercules Silver Mine ID
Yukon's Venus Mine Mines In Rawhide NV
Town Of Goldfield NV Cassiar Mine
Lost Croslin Mine UT Lost Rhoades Mine UT
The Mascot Mine Barkerville BC
The Sullivan Mine Chloride Silver AZ
The Empire Mine CA Old Hundred Mine CO
Quincy Copper Mine MI Homestake Mine SD
Tom Reed Gold AZ Smuggler Silver CO
Central Deborah AU Carolina Gold Rush NC
The Real El'Dorado Whitehorse Copper
Ruffner Silver Mine Five Stolen Dakota Treasures
Broken Boot Mine Miner's Delight WY
Searchlight Nevada Chloride Silver NM
Kennedy Gold Mine CA Mines Of Leesburg Idaho
Coquihalla Gold Belt BC The Old Walker Mine
Story Of Slippery Mike Old Mining Town of Blair NV
Town & Mine Of Bullfrog Mines & Town Of Masonic
Comstock Lode & Virginia City Old Frisco Utah
Mines Of Telluride Mines Of Creede
Bonanza King Mine California The Keane Wonder Mine
Yellow Aster Mine The Town & Mine Of Skidoo
Mules Of The Mines Lost Greenbreir Mine
Mines & Town Of Tombstone Bullionville Nevada
Seven Troughs Nevada Osceola Nevada
Wonder Mine Nevada Delamar Nevada
Mines Of Leesburg Total Wreck
Bunker Hill Mine Candelaria Mines
Porcupine Gold Camp Lucky Jim Goldmine
Ruth Nevada Bannock Nevada
Old Gold Dredges Mines Of The Crowsnest
Five Lost Treasures In NM Bullion Pit Mine
Belmont Nevada Bannack Montana
Five Lost Treasures In AZ Garnet Montana
Marysville Montana Lost Blue Lady Mine
Pioche Nevada Fortuna Mine AZ
Leadfield California Harquahala Arizona
Swansea Arizona Boriana Mine
Silver City Idaho Mineral Park
Broken Skull Mine Manhattan Nevada
Rhyolite Nevada Greenwater California
5 Must See Mining Towns Pt.1 South Pass City
5 Must See Mining Towns Pt.2 Bisbee Arizona
Butte Monatana Zortman Montana
Deadwood SD Maiden Montana
Granite Montana

gabriels gully otago new zealand
superstition mine
privateer mine bc
goldfield town
atlin gold mining
lost horse mine
the klondike gold rush

juneau alaska treadwell mine ruby arizona and the montana mine cominco polaris mine gold of tierra del fuego contention city arizona independence gold mine of hatcher pass alaska
dead mans gulch jolly jack gold mine lost nigger mine lost lemon mine cripple creek colorado boliva silver mining
headless valley nahanni nwt gold mining in zaruma ecuador old town of granite oregon leechtown bc lost opata mine lost tayopa mine
silver in zacatecas mexico gold in australia midas gold mine harrison gulch utah potholes gold gold mines of cornucopia oregon gems in brazil
gold of rich hill stanton arizona father la-rue lost gold in mexico california gold rush of 49 anyox copper and smelter african diamonds of kolmanskop the mine and town of vulture arizona
the venus mine of john conrad in the yukon the town of Rawhide Nevada the lost croslin mine of utah the town and mine of cassiar bc the town of Goldfield Nevada the gold rush of nome alaska
hedley bc mascot mine the empire mine the sullivan mine in kimberly bc the town of barkerville bc the old hundred mine in colorado the hercules mine in idaho
australia central deborah mine the carolina gold rush the whitehorse copper belt in yukon the old ruffner atlin silver mine the big dan gold mine in temegami ontario broken boot gold mine south dakota
the tom reed gold mine miners delight mine the quincy copper mine the kennedy gold mine smuggler silver mine chloride arizona